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Who we are

As the name Converse indicates, our approach is guided by the diverse meanings of the word.

Converse (Verb)

To engage in conversation: Conversation is central to our approach. We come in with a neutral perspective and an open mind.

Converse (Noun/Adjective)

Opposite or contrary: Our approach often involves practices that are contrary to those of standard business consultancies.

…. resulting in Conversion

We are a results driven company. A one-stop shop for our clients.

Our philosophy and how we operate

We are a team of highly experienced marketers, strategic thinkers and finance/ research analysts with vast experience in multiple geographies (North America, MEA, Asia), supported by a 50+ team of data scientists and engineers.

Marketing and authentic customer understanding have always been our real passion. With this in mind, we've developed a proprietary AI Advanced Analytics technology that enables us to conduct full-scale research studies in any region and in any industry.

We approach our clients with an open mind, are nimble, sure-footed, and cost-effective. We understand the need for flexibility and cost effective solutions throughout any engagement. Our operating model accommodates assignments that are:

Specific “project based” short-medium term
Interim management; CMO / CEO assignments for medium to long–term
Retainer based management consultancy and/or Marketing, brand management assignments

We collaborate with a bouquet of Advertising agencies, Market research firms – to offer a complete service to our clients.

We believe in nurturing long-term relationship with our clients.