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Perception And Thinking Are Closely Linked


plural noun: perceptions
the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

Perception is a cognitive process that helps us to understand our experiences, how we receive, filter and interpret behaviors and conversations. It may not be the same as how someone else will complete the process. In essence, perception is the key to how we assign meaning in our interactions with others and thus, it has a significant impact on how we communicate and how we understand the communication of others.

Understanding the perception process helps us to understand how Brands interact with Customers and the perceptions they form.
It also helps us to be more effective and create VALUE for Brands.

Perception And Thinking Are Closely Linked

Perception is the meaning we make of different information that comes in, based on how we are looking at it. Different people perceive reality in different ways based on their interpretations.

Thinking is working with our perceptions in different ways based on our needs and goals. When two people perceive things differently, they can reach very different conclusions, whilst using the same thinking process.