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AI Powered Business Analytics

Identify drivers of Business Performance, ROI, Media mix, Price & promotions optimization and Revenue Forecasting. Predictive analytics modeling.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Regression models at Brand level to measure the impact of different types of variables (Base + Marketing) impacting brand sales. They provide important information for any brand that wishes to understand what part of the marketing mix has been working for them and what has not. Key steps: Measure, Learn and Plan.

Price and Promotion Analysis

A more detailed regression model at SKU level to measure price & discount elasticity and promotions (e.g. in-pack) uplifts. Price and promo analysis is valuable data for your sales and marketing teams.

Planning and Forecasting

Simulation: Easy-to-use tool for Simulation to create & compare what if scenarios to understand the impact on sales
Optimization: Simple yet interactive tool to recommend optimal allocation of budget across marketing activities in order to achieve business goals

Predictive Analytics

AI Automation platform, works with just 3 clicks
Upload your Data file
Set the preferred target
Those 3 clicks set the platform into motion, performing millions of complex statistical calculations, emulating the work of a human data scientist. Your algorithmic model will be ready for deployment by the time you return from your coffee break.