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AI Powered Consumer Analytics

Discover Category and Brand Insights using our AI Platform to decode emotions expressed by customer conversations

Brand & Communication Analysis

Analyze unbiased data for a full understanding of your audience, category and your brand. Leverage authentic game-changing insights and emerging trends to form your marketing strategy.

Brand Health Assessment & Monitor

Brand health tracking measures how your brand is performing on awareness, trial usage and brand positioning KPIs. You’ll get a clear picture of your brand’s perception and will understand what aspects of the brand funnel need improvement.

Campaign Evaluation & Media Optimization

Are consumers aware of your campaign? Do they discuss it online? Do they understand what you intended to communicate or are they getting a different message? Is there some media that’s not impacting your campaign performance? Is further optimization of your creative or your media mix required? We’ll get clear answers for you without any bias or claim.

Post Launch Assessment

Post product launch is often the most underestimated phase in new product development. Post launch is not just celebrating your achievement but also understanding how well your product is accepted and whether adjustments are required.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand and learn about what's happening in the world outside your business. Evaluate your key competitors without bias, identify competitive risks and challenges. Discover new opportunities that can help your brand grow faster.

Consumer Switching Analysis

What are consumers’ key motivations for choosing a brand? What are the main factors influencing switching behavior? What triggered your customer to switch to your competitor? What do you need to do to retain your customers? Gain authentic insights through us.

Influencer Impact

Influencers have taken social media by storm. Should they be part of your media plan? How do you choose the right ones for your brand? Is it through impressions, reach, engagement, referral traffic, conversion or growth of followers? Which influencers connect passionately with your TG ? We’ll help you make sense of it all.

Customer Experience

Is customer experience one of your brand’s KPIs? How do your customers feel about your product or service? With our AI capability we are equipped to analyze internal data (open text and voice calls) as well as external data (online conversations) and hence we are able to paint a full picture for you.